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8th Grade Career Days - Options and Opportunities!

Kankakee Area Career Center's 8th Grade Day - Options and Opportunities!   Don't Forget - Once you enter:  Sign - In on the Options and Opportunities Home Page! Participate in the Scavenger Hunt for a chance to win one of many $25 Amazon Gift Cards!   Now - Just click on the enter button and GO!  

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KACC Student Scholarship Program

Application Due Date April 16, 2021

18 Years of Scholarships! Kankakee Area Career Center continues to support KACC graduating students to continue their education and training beyond high school through its annual KACC Student Scholarship Program.  Thanks to technology, students will continue to apply submitting their applications and electronic portfolio by emailing Ms. Argyelan at no later than April 16, . . .

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Two Fire-Rescue-EMR Students utilizing DOT-EGR Manual For Hazmat Training Exercises.

Hazmat Training at KACC

Slow Down - Proceed with Caution

Firefighters deal with hazardous materials incidents much differently than building fires. Because there are so many different chemicals that present | so many different dangers, they are taught to: slow down, proceed with aution, and determine from a safe distance what t hey are dealing with before instituting any kind of tactics or strategy.     . . .

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Summer Phase 1 Cosmetology Program

Take Advantage of this New Oppportunity

Special opportunity for incoming juniors and first-year seniors - limited to 25 students - first come, first serve. 

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Current Highlights

TeamKACC 2020 to Compete at SkillsUSA

Law Enforcement Students practicing CSI Team skills

Plan Prepare Execute

Skills USA ’s mission is “to empower members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American Citizens.” How nicely this fits with KACC’s motto: Preparing Students for Tomorrow!   . . . read more

Engineering and Design

Computer Aided Drafting

The Engineering and  Design program at the Career Center is a two-year program offered to juniors and seniors.  Even though this course is constructed around a two-year curriculum, sometimes students can only fit one year into . . . read more

Take a Minute Update - A Fresh Look

When we come across an informative and interesting article or video, we will post a link within this short article. Since this particular article will be updated as we come across fresh, well stated information, please visit our website and check in once in a while to access a link or two. . . . read more

Construction Technology

Course Description

Students in Construction Technology build and maintain structures ranging from rough scaffolds, residential electric and concrete forms to homes which require exact finish-work.  They work with wood, metal, plastic and concrete.  Using both hand and power tools, people in the construction trade erect wood frameworks for buildings, install window frames, apply exterior siding and . . . read more

About Us

Students having fun on KACC Globe at Front of School.

The primary purpose of the Kankakee Area Career Center (KACC) is to meet the  Career and Technical Education needs of regional high school students.    The underlying function of the . . . read more