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KACC - Preparing Students for Tomorrow

Preparing Students for Tomorrow

The following section of articles listed to the left are specific to each area of curriculum offered at the Kankakee Area Career Center.

While curriculum and individual classroom goals are specific to the individual students' vocational education experience, the overall goals of the Kankakee Area Career Center are to:

      • Prepare students for the transition from high school to the next level of development, whether it is advanced education, military or the workforce.
      • Emphasize and teach employability skills.
      • Articulate with post-secondary institutions.
      • Teach students leadership skills and positive work values.
      • Prepare students to function effectively in their careers and personal lives.
      • Provide work-site learning experiences whenever possible.
      • Integrate technology into all CTE programs.
      • Upgrade facilities and equipment continually to maintain state-of-the-art levels.
      • Develop a systematic plan for evaluating current and possible new courses.
      • Recruit and retain qualified and effective instructors in all programs.


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